Seven months later….

Seven months later, he finally posts again….

Suffice it to say that my schedule has continued to be overfull, though not with outdoor adventures. Realistically, beween work and kids’ activities, I’m probably not going to be able to keep much of a blog going if I limit it to my sporadic outdoor pursuits. I’m therefore going to be expanding my scope. Not sure exactly where it will lead – family, faith, politics, current events, career – all are fair game at this point. I’ll try to keep it interesting and maybe at some point I’ll settle on a theme.

In the meantime – I think I’ll start out by sticking with the outdoor theme, even if it’s not recounting my own real or imagined adventures. Next month, on June 15, something very cool will be happening in Charlotte, North Carolina – the opening of the U.S. National Whitewater Center. As described in its website, the USNWC will be “the world’s premier outdoor recreation and environmental learning center. Alongside mountain-biking trails, a climbing center, running trails and camping areas, the park’s unique feature will be a multiple-channel, customized whitewater river for rafting and canoe/kayak enthusiasts of all abilities.” Its Executive Director is a guy named Jeff Wise, who is a high school friend of my college roommate. I know Jeff only through a few college roadtrips between his (University of Richmond) and mine (Wake Forest), and that was 20 (gulp) years ago. But, I remember him as a good guy, and am really impressed by his vision. The next time I fly through Charlotte I’m going to have to schedule a long layover to check this place out!


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