Rainy Run

I’m on the road again this week, spending a few days in steamy Tallahassee. It’s times like this that I wonder who actually invented the suit and tie. Whoever it was, my hunch is they had never been to Tallahassee in July. Impractical or not, the corporate uniform is de rigeur for client meetings. But, I always look forward to hanging up the suit and putting on my running shoes at the end of the day.

Tonight I ran around the campus of Florida State University. Well, not actually all the way around it. It is a big school, after all. The most impressive thing about the FSU campus is probably Doak Campbell Stadium. These people really take their football seriously. It must be a pretty incredible atmosphere on Saturday afternoons in the fall.

It was 91 degrees when I started my run tonight, and by the time I finished a full-on thunderstorm was starting up. Anyway, after getting a bit lost, and a bit antsy with the lightning getting closer and the wind picking up to the point where clumps of Spanish moss were getting blown out of trees, I located my car before I was totally soaked. Not a top 5 run, but well worth the effort.


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    much better

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