How Long Do We Have?

At this writing, it’s 28 degrees, everything outside is coated with an icy glaze, freezing rain continues to fall, and the forecast is calling for another half inch or so of ice before it’s all said and done.

It’s only a matter of time before our power goes out.  We are surrounded by oak trees, and all it takes is one ice-laden tree to fall, or even a just a heavy branch to snap off and land on a power line, and we’re in the 19th century.  Living by candlelight isn’t a problem – the kids love it, anyway – and we can deal with the lack of heat by bundling up.  Living without water, though, is no fun.  We’re on a well, and when the power goes, so does the pump.  We have enough drinking water to last for a few days, but the flushing (or lack thereof) is another story….


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