Last PACEM Post

My Sunday School class* had dinner duty for PACEM last night. A couple class members did the shopping (for 60 people!) on Sunday afternoon, a couple more spent most of Monday doing the cooking, and then the entire class, most of whom had their young children in tow, showed up at church on Monday evening to set up and serve. Everyone was eager to help out, as evidenced by my youngest daughter wielding a jello ladle in each hand.  jello-girl.JPGHow’s that for multitasking?

Several snippets of conversation that I had with our PACEM guests have stuck with me:


The man who, after meeting my youngest daughter, proudly told me that his own daughter would be turning 1 on Saturday.  I didn’t ask for details, but a tinge of sadness colored his fatherly pride.           

The man who took me aside to tell me that one of our church members, who was at a nearby table playing UNO with several PACEM guests and two of my daughters, was “the best lawyer in town.”  I knew from my experience as an attorney that he was right.

The man whose eyes lit up while watching my 3-year old son and his friends play with their Matchbox cars, and recounted his long ago and far away boyhood memories of his own extensive Matchbox car collection.  I imagined that little boy of 40 years ago, and wondered about the bumps in the road that he had encountered in the years since.   

There but for the grace of God….

*My Sunday School class is called the Kairos class.  “Kairos” is Greek for “the appointed time in the purpose of God”, the time when God acts.  Appropriate for last night, I think.   


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