Automagic Import

A couple of weeks ago I moved this blog from Blogger to WordPress, and explained that as I had not been able to “automagically” import the old blog posts onto the new site, I had to do it manually and as a result the imported posts would all have the same Feb. 3, 2007 date. Fortunately, David was good enough leave a comment pointing out that WordPress had recently upgraded its importing capabilities, and now supported imports from the “new” Blogger. So, I have taken advantage of this feature, imported the old blog, and deleted the posts that I had manually brought over to the new site. The good news is that all posts are now archived by date. The bad news is that I lost some good comments that had recently been left on some of the older posts that I manually brought over.  Should hopefully be smooth sailing going forward, though.

Clear as mud?


One Response to Automagic Import

  1. David says:

    Excellent. You should feel right at home now.

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