Blogging S.O.S.

OK, this is a shameless attempt to break out of a blogging dry spell and generate some comments at the same time.  I need some direction.  Those of you who have read this blog before (all 3 of you) are familiar with the type of things that I tend to write about.  They are listed in the “Categories” section on the right-hand sidebar.  Please help me out by leaving me a comment and letting me know what you’d like to see more of. 

Even “uncategorized” is fair game – I’ll take it as a vote for “none of the above” – it’d sure be helpful if you’d include a suggestion along with your vote, though.



5 Responses to Blogging S.O.S.

  1. gomomyourock says:

    Well, I for one really enjoy your posts about family. Those, and the ones with old pictures. Personally, I can’t stand politics so that wouldn’t reel me in, but maybe I’m not the reader you’re looking for. Hmm. Good luck.

  2. baldricbear says:

    What ever you have written has been interesting. Having once (I think) worked where you do, the “career” could be somewhat minefield-ish. It’s almost Spring; react to the season!

  3. Carter's mom.... says:

    Politics. Since I’m banned about talking politics in my family, I enjoy those posts (gomomyourock is WRONG(). And since I really don’t follow it alot, I need all the insight I can get, and hopefully some idea of who to vote for come election time.
    So my picks: Politics, current events, running.

  4. wagsoutside says:

    Thanks for the input. Looks like I have one vote for politics, one vote against politics, and one vote for whatever. Hardly a mandate for anything, but I do appreciate the suggestions. I write for me, but it is gratifying to know that others are reading as well.

  5. Rachel says:

    Add my vote for whatever! I just enjoy hearing what’s on your mind.

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