City Creek Canyon

Add another to the “Rave Runs” list.

I parked my car at the entrance gate to City Creek Canyon, intent on following the winding road uphill through the canyon for as far as I could while still reserving enough leg and lung to be able to make it back down. As I chugged my way uphill, I was passed by a fair number of cyclists (and even passed a few!), but I didn’t see many other runners. After a mile or so, I realized why. Between the constant uphill, and the altitude, it’s one tough run! I made it up 3.5 miles, covering 734 feet of elevation change, before I turned around and headed back downhill.  The second 3.5 mile leg was considerably easier than the first!

I was a geek and mapped out the run when I got back to the hotel.  Here’s a link.

Unlike a past post-worthy run in Florida, there were no alligator warnings on this route. The bulletin board at the entrance gate did suggest keeping an eye out for some other critters, though. 


3 Responses to City Creek Canyon

  1. gomomyourock says:

    makes running the ridge road seem pretty tame, huh?
    no snakes?

  2. Wags Outside says:

    Saw some pretty fierce looking squirrels, but that was about it.

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