So Much for Albuquerque

I’m writing this from the Albuquerque airport. I’m sure Albuquerque is a nice place. Same goes for Santa Fe, where I was yesterday.

But honestly, I wouldn’t know.

I left Charlottesville early Monday morning battling an allergy-induced upper respiratory infection that had turned into a sinus infection. (Thanks, by the way, to James our airline pilot friend who recommended Afrin so my eardrums wouldn’t burst!) I muddled through my Monday afternoon meetings in Albuquerque, sounding like Froggy from the Little Rascals. I retreated to the hotel and crashed, hoping that a night’s sleep would cure what ailed me. Tuesday morning I drove to Santa Fe for a day of meetings with state agency contacts there and made it to mid-afternoon before my voice gave out entirely. I headed back to Albuquerque and the hotel, wondering why my eyes were bothering me on top of everything else, and by the time I got back to my room and looked in the mirror, realized that I could add conjunctivitis to the list.

I realized that my trip was over. Phoenix, where I was supposed to be today and tomorrow, would have to wait.

So now I’m homeward bound, which is a good thing, although it’s going to be a bit of a pain doing business long-distance that I was planning on doing in person. Much of my work is relationship-based, and it’s a lot easier to do it sitting across a table from someone that it is over the phone or email.

But what I really regret is not being able to run in the desert….


2 Responses to So Much for Albuquerque

  1. gomomyourock says:

    what makes you think we want your crud?

    seriously, welcome home. i changed the sheets on the guest bed! oh yeah, we don’t have one. where do you plan to rest your weary head?

    ok, really now, i’m glad you’re on your way home. it’s lonely here without you.


  2. […] in the Longhorn Nation Unlike on my trip to New Mexico last month, I was able to run today.  I emerged from the lobby of my downtown hotel and headed […]

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