Don’t Think

The church league softball season continues.

I had a batter’s box epiphany the other week:  don’t think.  Somehow, someway, I managed to shut out all the “I really am a decent athlete and should be able to hit a freakin’ softball except I’ve gotten up here before and struck out to the amusement/consternation/disbelief of everyone watching because you’re not supposed to strike out in slow pitch softball and I really don’t want to go through that again why can’t I just focus focus focus focus….”

As I said, somehow I managed to stop thinking and shut it out.  I didn’t so much focus as I did calm down.  And I went 4-for-4 with good solid hits.  When one of my teammates congratulated me on the hitting, I shared the secret of my success.  He gave me an incredulous look and said “well sure – any ballplayer will tell you that you’re not supposed to think up there.”  Too bad it took me 43 years to figure that one out!

If only I could do the same thing with a glove….

Epilogue:  Last night’s outing wasn’t quite as successful.  I went 2-for-3, with the 2 being dribblers where I made it to 1st base only because I ran faster than the catcher threw.  The third was a line drive right into the shortstop’s glove.  Felt good, anyway.


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