Gauley Season 2007 – Trip Planning

Every year about this time, I send out an email to friends and acquaintances soliciting interest in a 2-day rafting adventure on the Gauley River in West Virginia. Things are shaping up well for Gauley Season 2007.  At this writing I have 12 confirmations, with another couple who I’m still hunting down. It’s looking like a good and diverse group – several friends from church, a couple of guys from work, a fellow parent at my kids’ school, and a fraternity brother from college. Most have done this trip with me before, and those who haven’t are looking forward to it.  By the way – if you are reading this and received an invite but haven’t responded, please do so.  If I know you and you did not receive an invite but would like to go, let me know. 

The outfitter that we use on this trip requires that rafters be at least 16 and recommends previous rafting experience. The only requirement that I add is that rafters have a good attitude – I want everyone to have some idea of what they are getting into, to be able to put up with some temporary tension and discomfort, and to invite challenge.   

The responses that I have received to my rafting invite email this year have varied from “I AM IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” to “I’m not one to crap in the woods and roll around in the dirt at night,” with everything in between.  I’m excited that the former will be joining us again this year, and as for the latter, as much as I’d like to get him off of the golf course and into the woods, I respect his honesty.  Rafting a Class V+ river isn’t for everyone.  

But I sure like it.    


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