Print is Not Dead, But….

Working in the publishing industry, I am attuned to the claim that “print is dying.”  As Mark Twain said of reports of his own demise, this is an exaggeration. E-books arrived with much hoopla a few years back, but we’re still cutting down trees. There’s just something about holding a book in your hands, feeling and turning the printed page, that a computer screen can’t replace.

That said, I do want to pass along a neat site that I recently came across. is a free online library that provides instant access to thousands of classic works. It’s hard to imagine sitting down and scrolling and clicking your way through Moby Dick or The Aeneid, but you could if you wanted to. More realistically, maybe this site and others like it will pique the reader’s interest enough to head down to the library or bookstore and check out the real thing.

While I’m at it, let me take this opportunity to plug the bookstore of a friend and former colleague – check it out!


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