Easy For Me To Say

This photo gave me pause the first time I saw it. 


Taken at one of Morgan’s recent cross country meets, it shows me (and another coach/dad in the foreground) urging the runnners up a hill. “Shorten your stride!” “Use your arms!” “You can do it!”

Easy for me to say.

Cross country is a unique sport in that, depending on the course layout, spectators may be able to see and cheer on their runner(s) at several points during the race. There are no bleachers or designated seats, and anyone so inclined can run back and forth between various locations along the course to check on/cheer/encourage their runner.

I’ve really enjoyed being able to do this at Morgan’s meets, and so far my efforts have been well-received by the girls. I’m a little unsettled by how I appear in this photo, however. While everything that I was saying was positive, this photo is a good reminder to beware of the line between enthusiastic spectator and obnoxious parent.

After all, it’s the girls who are running the race, not me.


One Response to Easy For Me To Say

  1. gomomyourock says:

    So you’re one of those fathers…living through your daughter’s successes…reliving your misspent youth…yeah, that’s it. That’s how I see you anyway! Tee hee. I can hear you now “Catch that girl on the hill or you’re walking home!” Hey, if you read my blog you’ll see that she did catch that girl after the hill and earned her ride home. Nothing wrong with making kids appreciate their rides.

    Seriously though, she’s lucky to have a father that cares enough to show up for her meets, who takes her out on long runs, and who knows when to stop talking and just listen.


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