Best-Laid Plans

December 31, 2007

Oh, the plans I had for my glorious 12-day vacation.  (Yes, 12 days – I haven’t had that much time off since I was in school.  Yay, new job!)

In no particular order:   Paint a bedroom.  Paint a bathroom.  Lay new flooring in a bedroom.  Install new light fixtures.  Reorganize and de-clutter.  Get lots of yardwork done.  Run significant miles every day.  Book a lot of consulting hours.  Catch up on letter writing and blogging.  Enjoy a lot of family time.   

Well, I’ve enjoyed a lot of family time.  As for the rest, well, perhaps my to-do list was a tad over-ambitious.  It usually is.  That fact, and the fact that strep throat arrived in our house a few days before Christmas (not diagnosed until the 26th) and has claimed 4 of us so far, did not work in my favor.  Got some painting done, decided on and purchased the new flooring, had a few good runs, did a bit of consulting work.  The rest remains undone, silently mocking me from the periphery of my consciousness.        

Oh well.  Far better to have had the family time than any of the rest.  It will all be there when I can get to it.    

Happy New Year to all.