Good Things

Sometimes at the dinner table we’ll ask each other to relate something good that happened during the day.  We didn’t do that tonight, but if we had, I would have had a lot to offer:

Finally finding the angle I was looking for on a difficult marketing piece at work.

Leaving the office at 5:01 without looking back.

Getting in a good run before picking my 14 year old up from lacrosse practice.

Watching the the last few minutes of her practice and seeing how much she’s enjoying it.

Having my 4 year old run up and hug my leg when I got home.

Reading my 9 year old a bedtime story.

Listening to my 12 year old practice piano.

Seeing my wife smile the same smile that I first fell for over 20 years ago.


One Response to Good Things

  1. gomomyourock says:

    Aww. At least we all managed to sit down and eat together.
    Hope today is a good one too!

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