Older and Wiser?

When I ran the 50K last month, I was struck by the fact that the average age of the runners  seemed to be considerably older than with most road races. My curiosity got the better of me and I went through the finishers list. Sure enough, the 40-something runners dominated the field with 74 finishers, myself included. Next up were the 30-somethings, with 69 (including the winner). They were followed by the 20-somethings with 48, and then came the 50-somethings with 30. There were only 7 teenagers (the youngest was 16), and 4 were in their 60’s.

Does this mean that ultrarunning is the extreme sport for the middle-aged athlete? I’m not sure. I do know, though, that we all have a long way to go before we can keep up with this guy.


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