Charlottesville 10-Miler 2008

I’ve been running the Charlottesville 10-Miler for a number of years now. I’ve had some good races, such as when I ran a PR and finished amazed at the amount of gas that I still had left in the tank (and chagrined at the realization that I hadn’t used it all up on the course).  I’ve had some not-so-good bad races, including a couple where I found myself walking dejectedly up the hills on miles 6 and 8, berating myself for my lack of training.  I’ve run it when it was cold, run it when it was hot, run it in the rain, and even run it in a bit of snow.  Last year I ran my slowest time, but it was still one of my favorite races because I ran it with my daughter.

This year’s race was the best yet. First, both Jennifer and Morgan ran it with me.
I was really proud of them. They each ran their own pace, and while neither had really trained, they each ran a PR (maybe I was the one slowing Morgan down last year and not the other way around). Better yet, they each finished with a smile.  Morgan truly enjoys running for the sake of running – not many can say that.  Jennifer is much the same way, and adds to that a steely determination that will typically carry her through regardless of the state of her training. 

Second, the guys that I had recruited all had great races and will hopefully be back for more. I had been a bit concerned about one of them for much of the race, as he had apparently eaten an extra bowl of Wheaties that morning and took off at a near-8-minute pace instead of the planned 9 – a recipe for disaster for a first-timer. But, he managed to hold it strong and steady for the entire distance (see “steely determination” above). I’ll confess to no small measure of relief when I finally caught him around mile 8.5 – I wanted him to have a good race, but not that good! All bets are off for the next race, though – I’m sure he’ll be gunning for me and I’ll be disappointed if he’s not.

Third, I was pleased with my time – 1:21:19, a new PR by a whopping 13 seconds.  It was a few minutes faster than I had planned on running – the Charlottesville Marathon is in 3 short weeks and I should be working on distance more than speed (and for any truly fast runners that may be reading this, remember that speed is relative) – but race day adrenaline got the better of me. 

A good day all-around.

Next up: a hilly 26.2 on April 19….


One Response to Charlottesville 10-Miler 2008

  1. gomomyourock says:

    Great job on your PR!

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