Eye Opener

I had something of a rude awakening yesterday.  I had not run since the 10-Miler last weekend and a follow-up 4-mile run that afternoon, courtesy of an aching knee that I had taken away as a race souvenir along with the commemorative t-shirt and finisher’s medal.  But with the Charlottesville Marathon looming, I set off in a cold drizzle for a long run on the portion of the marathon course that I had not run before.  While I typically do my long runs on the 10-Miler course, I knew that it was important to get some idea of what I am in for in 2 short weeks, so I ventured off for parts unknown.  

Aesop said that “familiarity breeds contempt”, but the familiarity that I gained with the marathon course yesterday bred nothing but a solid measure of respect.  The course description promises “rolling hills throughout.”  That’s one way to put it.  Everything’s relative, I guess. 

In any event, I was able to get around 12 miles in with no damage done other than a healthy blister due to wearing the wrong socks for the wet weather.  I was pleasantly surprised with my time, and my knee actually feels a bit better for having been stretched out, so that’s good.  The best thing about the run, apart from getting in some much needed (although not enough) mileage, was getting familiar with the course. 

I should survive the marathon, but it could be almost certainly will be rough.  Is it some sort of sickness that I’m looking forward to the experience?


One Response to Eye Opener

  1. gomomyourock says:

    People are so kind. I notice that there are no comments here, which means that no one wants to tell you outright that you do indeed have sickness. Love you anyway!

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