Too Quiet

The old cliche in the Western movies, typically uttered before the bad guys attack, is that “it’s quiet … too quiet.”  I’m not expecting an attack, but “too quiet” describes my house right now.  Jennifer and the kids are up at her mom’s in Pennsylvania for spring break, so it’s just me, the dog and the cat. 

That means no chattering, no squabbling, no Hannah Montana music, no Rescue Hero videos, no reminders about getting homework done or putting clothes away, no piano practicing, no “vroom vrooms” or lego towers crashing down the hall, no calls of “Mommieee” from across the house. 

Just the clicking of the keyboard and the hum of the refrigerator.

Too quiet.


One Response to Too Quiet

  1. Lenslinger says:

    I’d pay for that kind of quiet.

    For a little while anyway…

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