Run Like a Girl

My daughter, not me!

It’s been hard not being able to run over the past few weeks. Fortunately I can run vicariously through my daughter. She ran an 8K last weekend which I couldn’t have run even if I was healthy – an all-female event aptly called “Run Like A Girl”.

As with most races, there were many shapes, sizes and experience levels represented. There were, however, some clearly fast runners there, and this combined with the unfamiliar course had Morgan a bit nervous at the start.




Once they took off, though, Morgan looked strong and determined, and I had a feeling she’d do well.

It was a trail race on an out-and-back course though the woods, largely inaccessible to spectators, so for half an hour or so after the start it was just a bunch of guys (husbands, boyfriends and dads) milling around the finish area. Before too long, though, the lead runners started emerging from the woods. I was a vocal cheerleader, and yelled extra loud for several women who (like Morgan) were wearing Charlottesville 10-Miler shirts.

Then I saw her, in the middle of a small clump of women coming around a bend out of the woods. “C’mon Morgan, you’re looking strong! Push hard for the final kick!”

She gave a wave without breaking stride and turned on the jets. One advantage to being small is that it’s easy to squeeze your way through a crowd! Squeeze she did, passing all of the women in her pack, and came in 3rd in her 19-and-under age group.




Run like a girl indeed!


2 Responses to Run Like a Girl

  1. Wags Outside says:

    Thanks for taking her!

  2. gomomyourock says:

    well, now, here I am, under my own name!
    thanks for taking the girl!

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