Back to Reality

With gas prices the way they are, I’ve given more than a passing thought to finding something that gets better gas mileage than my Jeep.

Like a motorcycle.

Today, I saw an ad in Craigslist for a motorcycle from my youth – a Yamaha Enduro – and my heart skipped a beat.  Not that I actually had an Enduro as a teenager – (or any motorcycle, for that matter – I had no better luck convincing my parents than I’ve had with my wife) but many of my friends (and my younger brother – sorry, Mom) were active riders on the motocross track near our neighborhood.  (P.S. – that’s where his broken collarbone came from).  Anyway, I didn’t have an Enduro but I remembered it as a very cool bike.

Then I read on and was reminded that I’m not a teenager any more.  “This 38 year old motorcycle is in excellent condition. It is all original down to the tires.  It is a great candidate for a collector to restore.” 

The cool bike of my youth is now an antique.  Sigh.  Does the AARP magazine have a classified ad section?  Maybe I’ll find something more age-appropriate there…. 


One Response to Back to Reality

  1. Neal says:


    Great post. I feel my age when I have to select my birth year from a dropdown list on a website. I’m starting to really have to scroll down a lot.

    Good luck on the road back to running.

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