Back At It

I’m gradually returning to running. I had self-diagnosed a torn meniscus (a little internet knowledge can be a dangerous thing), but when I finally got in to see the orthopedist, he said he thinks it is just patellofemoral syndome, a/k/a “runner’s knee”. A competitive runner himself, he said “welcome to the club”.

So, armed with a prescription for pain meds and patellar strap, physical therapy referral, and follow-up appointment for 6 weeks hence, I’m cleared to run. After several easy 2-3 mile runs this week (I seem to be incapable of limiting it to 4 runs of 1 mile each, per the doc’s “Back to Running” schedule), I did close to 7 today.

So far, so good. Add 20 to it and I’ll be ready for the Marine Corps Marathon in October.


One Response to Back At It

  1. gomomyourock says:

    Why did you go to the dcotor if you’re just going to ignore his advice?

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