Running Intentionally

I have considered myself to be a runner since I was in college in the early 1980’s. Since that time I have raced in distances ranging from 5K to 50K. However, as I look back over those years of running and racing, I realize that I have never run intentionally for any significant length of time – by “run intentionally” I mean run with purpose, commitment, and consistency.

My running has been like my blogging of late – always well-intentioned, but generally sporadic and haphazard. I am not sure what to do about the blogging – either the muse and the time are there or they aren’t – but I know what I need to do about the running. The times of my life in which I have been in the best running shape have been those in which I was pushed and prodded by (1) a coach, (2) a drill instructor, or (3) a running partner. Lacking any of those at this stage in my life, I have decided to turn to the blogosphere for accountability.

So, I have set up another blog in which I will bare my running soul to anyone who is interested – times, distance, goals, results. I decided to do this in another blog because I know that many (is that too presumptuous? should I say “both”?) of you who read this blog have little or no interest in the nitty-gritty of my running progress. Likewise, if the running blog attracts any readers, they might not have any interest in the navel-gazing and pontificating that can typically be found here.

So, for those of you who might be interested – here is the link to my new running blog, Running Intentionally. For those of you who aren’t interested, that’s fine – no need to change the channel.


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