Palin Post

Where did she come from?

Alaska, I know.  But you know what I mean.

I haven’t quite gotten a handle on how I feel about Sarah Palin. It’s not that there is any question in my mind about whether I support her – there’s not and I don’t – what I’m still wrestling with is the question of how seriously I should take her.

My initial reaction to McCain’s announcement was that he had attempted a Hail Mary and had thrown an interception instead.  I mean, really –  political experience consisting of less than two years as governor of a state with more reindeer than people, and being city councilor and mayor of a town of 7,000?

At the very least, I concluded that the Republicans had conceded the “experience” argument.

Silly me.  I was ignoring her tenure with the PTA.   

She does give a good speech, I’ll grant that. But, the campaign can’t keep her shielded from interviews forever. It will be fascinating to see how she deals with the press once they start asking the tough questions. And, there is the VP debate to look forward to. Foreign policy, dealing with the lower 48’s domestic issues including a humongous deficit that came about under her guy’s watch, and not appearing to be an extremist on social issues might prove to be, um, challenging for her. We’ll see.

Glad things have gotten interesting, anyway.

Thanks to Mudflats for the Wasilla City Hall photo. Check out the site to “tiptoe through the muck of Alaskan politics.” Interesting stuff.


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  1. […] the proof of the matter is self-evident.  As we got to see more and more of Sarah Palin after my initial post on her, in which I reserved judgment, I’ve been tempted to just say “res ipsa” […]

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