Two on Twitter

One of the blogs that I follow is Kevin O’Keefe’s Real Lawyers Have Blogs. The site has recently featured two articles on Twitter. In each, O’Keefe defends Twitter as being not just useful, but downright indispensable – or soon to be, anyway. In “40% of Twitter is mindless babble. So what?”, he lauds Twitter as a networking tool. In “Twitter Search for lawyers and law firms: Why it’s so important”, he takes it a step further: “In the near future you will not be able to live without (the) real time conversation and information” that Twitter offers.

I dunno. Whenever Twitter comes up in conversation, I have a hard time defending it too vigorously when a scoffer shakes his head and says “I don’t get it.” For every “how to” or “essential rules” tweet, there are half a dozen more announcing what somewhat ate for breakfast or letting the world know that they are getting ready to walk their dog.

How do I know this? I tweet. After all, in the immortal words of Bluto Blutarsky, it don’t cost nothin’.

But I’m still not convinced that it’s worth much more than that.


2 Responses to Two on Twitter

  1. Jill Pugh says:

    I think Twitter has real value, but as with any tool it is all in how you use it. I am not a fan of “auto following” and I think especially when you start on Twitter you need to invest some time carefully choosing who you seek out to follow.

    In addition to providing me with an interesting, diverse and international community, Twitter has helped me professionally. I have gotten client referrals through Twitter; I have been able to find resources for my clients through Twitter; I have endless material/references for my blog; I even got terrific advice when I asked for input on a CLE I was presenting!

    If you are selective as to who you follow, you don’t get very many tweets about what someone had for breakfast (unless it’s interesting – like having breakfast in France!).

    My .02.

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