Presentations 101

Anyone who has ever had to give a speech or presentation can probably rattle off a number of survival/success tips. Speak to the back of the room. Maintain eye contact. Don’t read. Speak slowly.

These are all decent guidelines. They are, however, pretty basic, and I would never (knowingly) sign anyone on to speak at one of my seminars who had to be reminded of them. I was therefore happy to come across legal consultant Matthew Homann’s Ten Rules for Presenters. The next time you step in front of an audience (or classroom, or jury, or congregation, or whatever), take note of these rules. Your listeners (and whoever was responsible for getting you up there in the first place) will thank you!


3 Responses to Presentations 101

  1. Thanks for the kind words. I’m so glad you found the post valuable.


  2. gomomyourock says:

    Very nice – and so very true. I like the one about not reading your slides!

  3. Jennifer McKeever says:

    very true advice its nice to see alternatives to the usual

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