A Single Step

Confucius purportedly said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  True enough.  But, I’ve found that the longer I have put off posting to this blog, the more difficult it has become to resume doing so.     

Why?  Expectations, mostly.  Not so much the expectations of others, but rather the expectations that I place upon myself.  If I am going to write something for public consumption, I want it to be good.  And, as the dozen or so unfinished posts that I have saved in my “draft” folder will attest, I’ve had a hard time coming up with something that qualifies. 

Let me be clear here that I’m under no illusion that I’ve consistently met that lofty standard in the past.  Even a quick browse through the archives of this blog will reveal that for every post that’s a reasonably solid piece of writing, there are many more that are throwaways.  But, with this blog having been dormant for so long, the post that finally does break the blogging ice ought to be worthwhile, or significant, or noteworthy, or thought-provoking, or side-splittingly funny – not just a blatantly obvious attempt to get something – anything – posted in order to break out of an overlong blogging dry spell.

Oh, well.  Maybe tomorrow….


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