Christmas Letter 2010

December 27, 2010

’Twas the week before Christmas,

And David finally sat down

To write the year’s Christmas letter,

For friends out of town.


2010 was a good year,

All things considered,

Though with 4 kids in 4 schools,

We ran hither and thither.


Morgan got into Longwood,

Early decision, no less!

We’ll miss her next year,

But not her room’s mess.


She’s licensed to drive,

Our Suburban she prefers.

Maybe one day she’ll have

A car she can call hers.


The cross country team

She captained this year

Though injured, running remains

The sport she holds dear.


Caroline’s blazing new trails

In Albemarle’s 9th grade

Going to the math and science academy

Was a big decision she made.


Field hockey’s her sport

And perhaps lacrosse as well

But mainly she loves to sing

With a voice clear as a bell.


She plays piano, too

And has for several years

And when trying something new

Rarely suffers from fears.


Katherine’s DI team

Won the state tourney

Then went to Knoxville for Globals

It was a fun but long journey.


K also loves to sing

Like her sisters and Will

She’s in the Bearettes choir

Because her audition went well.



She has almost reached her teens,

The years go by in a whirl

But however old she gets

She’ll always be our little girl.


And then there’s the boy,

Wow, where does one start?

In describing a 2nd grader

Who uses Legos to make art?


He’s a Wolf cub scout,

His den leader’s his dad,

With hiking, camping and games,

There’s lots of fun that is had.


Soccer, piano and reading

Are Will’s other favorite things

Along with the joys of being 7

And the discoveries each day brings.


Of course Jennifer’s the glue

That keeps us all together

Always doing, doing, doing

And slowing almost never.


She’s retired from PTO

But now manages Will’s D.I.

And with work, church and kids,

Can do everything but fly.


David spent the last year

Educating the Virginia Bar

But now he’s back with Lexis

Where he’ll travel near and far.


His distance running fell off,

No more ultras or marys.

He’ll do better next year

To keep his chest hairy.


So that’s our year in a poem

Some quick highlights, anyway

We hope that you are well

And are grateful for every day.