SRE Scramble 2013

April 28, 2013

Will’s elementary school held a 4K race as a fundraiser today.  We were both looking forward to running it, but the chilly drizzle tempered our excitement a bit at the start.

SRE - waiting for the start


Soon, though, we were off – and Will took off like a rocket.  So much for running together!  But, the hilly course and fast pace started to take their toll, and before too long, we were side by side, and stayed together for the rest of the race.  And before we knew it, the finish line was in sight – but it was uphill!

SRE - home stretch

But, we pushed through and crossed together.  I’m not sure whether I was cheering Will on, or just excited to be done!



My new running buddy! Medals


Blink of an Eye

April 22, 2013

bacon  Caroline2

I’m not exactly sure when this happened….