If you ever see blue lights flashing in your mirror…

When I was in college, a fraternity brother was pulled over for a suspected DUI.  It was late at night, he was very animated in his conversation with the officer, and his passengers had clearly had a few too many.  The only problem with the stop was that the driver was a teetotaler – not only had he not been drinking that night, he had never had a drink in his life.  He was eventually able to convince the officer of this, but it took some doing.

With that recollection in mind, I’m passing along an informative article with suggestions on what to do if you are pulled over for a suspected DUI in Virginia.  A few caveats:

1) You should not drink and drive.  Period.

2) The article applies to Virginia law.  If you are in another state, the laws and procedures may be different – your mileage may vary.

3) In passing along this article, I am not giving legal advice.  If you want legal advice, ask your lawyer.



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