The Widsom of Youth

We had sleet and freezing rain last night, but Albemarle County opted for a 2-hour school delay this morning, rather than canceling.  The decision prompted a varying and entertaining range of reactions.  Some choice FB comments from local students:

If we call them enough, will they overturn it?   –  Um, probably not, particularly if you organize your call-in campaign in public.

My brother almost flipped and wrecked his truck which had 4 wheel drive. –  If this is true, his brother should turn in his man card.

There’s no power in Hollymead. MY HAIR IS GROSS HOW WILL I SHOWER I WILL BE BULLIED MY HAIR IS SO GREASY YOU COULD COOK BACON ON IT.  – This one gets creativity points for working in the anti-bullying theme.

I mean did y’all not even consider what student/parents are hasseling through.  –  It’s her world and the rest of us are just living in it!

This is probably the dumbest decision you guys have ever called.  – Really?

I am very disappointed in your judgment ACPS. Very disappointed.  – Ah, playing the dreaded “disappointed” card.  This guy means business.

I wish I went to school down here 🙂  –  No doubt posted by an amused northerner who is accustomed to school staying open no matter what.

It seems a little unfair to have school when some students can’t come due to they can’t even get up their driveway.  –  Interesting angle – having school will penalize those who cannot come. A budding lawyer, no doubt.

So I just walked outside and slipped on Ice trying to open my car again, and I cut my hand two seconds after impact with ground and now I need to go to a doctor in this weather. See what you guys have done?   – When all else fails, try the guilt approach.

Lets not forget, if there is melting there are tons of creeks that run through out the Scottsville area that flood easily and prevent people from driving.  – We might have a volcano eruption as well!

I don’t really care about going to school or doing homework or any of that. I just wanted to go snowboarding, hahaha.  –  At least he’s honest.

I didn’t do my homework…  – Isn’t this what all the rest are really saying?


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