So how was your evening?

January 28, 2016

After a trying day at work, I stopped by a neighborhood bar/grill that I had been to a few times for a burger and a beer. I had found it to be a mellow place on past visits, but tonight I found that it was full of raucous 20-somethings. Oh well.

With no tables available, I took a stool at one end of the bar, placed my order, and started scanning Facebook on my phone, trying to ignore the noise around me. I quickly realized that the otherwise attractive young woman a few stools down was determined to make her presence known, however, with a foul mouth that rivaled anything I had heard in the locker room or fraternity house. Knowing that she was somebody’s daughter, and resisting the temptation to ask her if she ate with that mouth, I focused on my burger and ordered another beer.

I soon wished that I hadn’t, as she was drowned out by the drunk Trump supporter sitting next to me. After a few random Hillary zingers directed at no one in particular, he asked me who I supported. Realizing that he was not to be denied, as he was on one side of me and the wall was on the other, I knew that I had to engage. What the heck, here goes….

“Well, I like Biden, but since he’s not running, I’ll vote for Hillary.”

Incredulous, he bashed Biden, then Hillary, then Democrats in general. Foolishly, realizing that I couldn’t get rid of him and wanting to finish my meal, I tried to have a rational debate with him. He’d have none of it, but it seemed to tire him a bit. He then changed course and conspiratorially leaned over and asked “do you want to hear something funny?”

“Sure,” I said.

(Insert racist joke here).

Recognizing that I didn’t guffaw along with him and probably noticing my clenching jaw, he went back to politics.

“Seriously, though, what about gay marriage? Where will it end? What if I wanted to marry my sister? Or my German Shepherd?”

Coming up with the only response I could think of that might shut him up, I smiled, looked him in the eye, and said “I hope the two of you will be very happy together.”

His jaw dropped, I paid my tab, and left.

So how was your evening?