Law Practice Part II – Making the Move

August 27, 2007

As I approached the 1-year anniversary of my initial foray into the practice of law, it was becoming increasingly clear to me that I needed a change of venue.  It wasn’t really a reflection on my boss.  While I had hoped to receive more from him in the way of guidance and inspiration, we got along well and I respected his abilities.  I was also quite grateful to him for the opportunity with which he had provided me.

It really boiled down to the fact that I wanted to be in Charlottesville.  They call it “The Hook” for a reason.

My bride didn’t need much convincing.  She was wrapping up her second year of a judicial clerkship and was ambivalent about practicing law, so we weren’t tied to North Carolina.  I did want to continue practicing, however, so I had two hurdles to clear in order to make the Charlottesville move a reality – pass the Virginia bar exam, and find a job.

There are many ways to spend three months of one’s life that are more enjoyable than studying for the bar exam, but if you want to be a lawyer, there’s just no way around it.  The experience is certainly not something that you want to undergo more than once if you can help it.  However, I had several years left to practice in North Carolina before I would be eligible for admission to the Virginia bar by reciprocity, so I needed to take the test.

As is turned out, I actually found Virginia’s exam to be less of an ordeal than North Carolina’s.   I don’t think the Virginia exam was any easier – actually, it was probably more difficult, especially for someone like me coming in from out of state.  Virginia jurisprudence tends to keep one foot firmly planted in the 18th century, and if you didn’t go to law school in the Old Dominion, it’s quite a chore to learn the arcane terminology and procedure.  Even so, the experience of having passed one state’s exam and practiced law for a year gave me a level of confidence that I didn’t have when I was taking the North Carolina exam.  That, and the fact that I was studying on my own and without the distractions and temptations offered by my law school classmates, pulled me through and a few months later I had another fancy piece of parchment to put on my wall.

Making the move to Charlottesville was a real leap of faith, because I gave my notice in North Carolina before I had lined up a job in Virginia.  Fifteen years, four kids and a mortgage later, this seems like a terribly irresponsible if not downright foolish thing to have done.  However, it worked out.  Perhaps there’s a lesson there.

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August 26, 2007

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This is the third time I’ve taken this test and come up as an ISFJ, so maybe it has me pegged.

Me, Robert E. Lee, Jimmy Stewart, Barbara Bush, and Mother Theresa.  Could be worse, I suppose.

So tell me again why I’m in sales?

The Big One

August 19, 2007

Have you ever had a worry that nagged at you night and day, never completely leaving you, to the point where it colored your entire perspective on life?

And have you ever found out later that the worry was completely baseless?

I have. 

If you have as well, read this.

Planning for Sacramento

August 19, 2007

I’m traveling again the week after next. This time it will be 5 days in Sacramento, California.


I’m not looking forward to being away, but at least I’ve found a running route that looks promising – the American River Parkway. If you have any other Sacramento running routes (or anything else about the city) to recommend, please leave a comment.

OBX Marathon

August 18, 2007

84 days, 7 hours, and a few minutes to go before the OBX Marathon on November 11.

I got in 12 miles today, and 10 miles last Saturday. If I can only figure out a way to squeeze in some runs Sunday-Friday….

It’s Always Something

August 15, 2007

As Roseanne Roseannadanna used to say, “It’s always something.”

Today, the “something” was news from an HVAC technician that our heat pump is officially dead beyond any reasonable hope of repair, having exceeded its life expectancy by over a decade.  The bottom line is that we need to replace our entire system.  We’ve known this day was coming, but the timing is less than ideal, considering tomorrow’s forecasted high temp of 99 degrees.


So, after spending too much time on the phone lining up appointments for estimates, it was off to KMart to buy fans to see us through until we can get the A/C back online.  I was a bit worried that fans might be hard to come by since we’re on the eve of the annual UVa student influx, but I found an ample supply and hope that we’ll now be able to keep our ambient temperature down in the low ’80’s.

If you see anyone in our family over the next several days and we seem a bit, um, cranky … well, you know why.

Bring Back the Old Cheney

August 15, 2007

I’m not sure why this 1994 interview with Dick Cheney hasn’t received wider coverage, or if it has, how I’ve managed to miss it until now.

I do know that I’m a lot more comfortable with the 1994 Dick Cheney than I am with the current model.

Thanks to Waldo for bringing this to light.